Welcome To Paulding Gymnastics  

     Thank you for your interest in Paulding Gymnastics. Gymnastics is a fun and challenging sport. The sport promotes and increases strength, flexibility and coordination with training. Gymnastics also contributes to the success in other sports.

     The staff at Paulding Gymnastics is highly educated and professional. All of our instructors are safety oriented and trained to teach the proper stages of gymnastics progression.

     One of the main goals at Paulding Gymnastics is to have a place for every child and to build confidence. We know that we have such a diverse program, that each child can find where they belong in the sport of gymnastics.

      We hope you choose to make Paulding Gymnastics a part of your life. We look forward to the opportunity to instruct your child in the wonderful and challenging sport of gymnastics.

Developmental Bars
Developmental Bars


Un-Even Bars
Un-Even Bars

Developmental Bars
Developmental Bars



    Paulding gymnastics is an 18,500 square-foot facility. The current building was constructed in 2005 as a 10,000 square-foot building and has grown year after year.


    The facility offers all Olympic sized equipment, as well as a separate preschool area with equipment that allows proper development in their age. The building is fully climate controlled and has two industrial size ceiling fans.

  • Trampoline and Trampett

  • 8 Balance Beams

  • 3 Low Balance Beams

  • 3 Uneven Bars 

  • Pit Bar

  • Full Size Foam Pit

  • 2 Vault Tables

  • 2 Spring Floors

  • 1 Tumble Strip

  • Spring Boards

  • Parallettes

  • Handstand Walls

  • Portable Tumble Track

  • Floor Mats

  • Landing Blocks  

  • Crash Mats

  • Training Aids and Foam Blocks